Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service now available for connected devices in UK and Germany

Amazon announced last week that its Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is now available for developers building voice-enabled connected products for the UK and Germany.

AVS adds intelligent voice control to any connected device that has a microphone and speaker. Amongst other things, it allows consumers to use voice commands to play music, answer questions, get news and local information, and control their smart home devices including lights, locks and thermostats.

Localisation of the Alexa Voice Service means that it will now also work in the UK and Germany, and will understand German and British English. As a result, device manufacturers will be able offer new product features and capabilities to customers in these markets.

“With a few lines of code, you can upgrade any product with Alexa to access localised languages and skills in the UK, Germany, and US,” Amazon explained. “Now your end customers can speak with Alexa and receive responses and content in their preferred language and region.”

To coincide with Amazon’s announcement, PC and mobile accessories maker Logitech said that it was bringing voice control to its ZeroTouch smart car mounts for Android smartphones, allowing drivers to control their smartphone, as well as all smart devices kept at home, while on the road.

For example, drivers could access the weather or to-do lists, listen to a Kindle audiobook, order products, change their thermostat or turn on their smart lights on the way home.

“Voice is the future, and this is particularly true in cars,” commented Aaron Brown, director of Amazon Alexa. “The ability to use your voice to control your smart home, manage to-do lists, access Kindle content, and more makes for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience.”

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