More than nine in ten TV viewers have their phone on hand

As many as 94% of US TV viewers keep their smartphone on hand while watching TV, according to research by Facebook IQ.

An eye-tracking study by Facebook’s research unit revealed that viewers focused on the TV screen just 53% of the time, and one of the top reasons they looked away was to use their smartphones.

In particular, multiscreening often occurs during ad breaks – highlighting the opportunity presented by targeted mobile video ads on social media to reinforce the TV message.

What’s more, separate research by IBB Consulting suggests that consumers are open to interacting with brands across screens.

Among regular users of messaging app Snapchat, 30% have followed an ad they saw on TV onto a social network, and 40% would want to learn more about an ad if it did not disrupt their browsing and viewing.

Campaigns that utilise more digital tools and platforms are coming at the right time, says Jonathan Weitz, a Partner at the consulting firm, in an article for Cablefax.

The survey of Snapchat users also found that nearly one-quarter (24%) prefer to consume video content on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. This rises to 40% for millennials.

Meanwhile, 60% use social networks to interact with TV shows. Facebook is the number one platform for doing this, with 40% using it for this purpose, followed by Snapchat (24%), Instagram (21%) and Twitter (18%).

“If initial consumer interest in engaging with brands, screens and video in new ways is any indication of what the future may hold, a bright opportunity exists for all stakeholders,” Weitz concludes.




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