Smartphones used for entertainment as much as texting

Consumers are just as likely to use their smartphones for entertainment as for connecting with friends and family through texting, according to a new GfK MRI study, Mobile Now.

The study showed that playing games, listening to music, surfing the web and watching streamed content account for 22% of time spent on smartphones. That’s the same proportion devoted to texting, while phone calls account for another 22% of time, social media 10% and emails another 10%.

“We know texting is so important to consumers, but to see entertainment as important, that’s interesting and actionable into the future,” Karen Ramspacher, senior vice president of consumer insight and trends at GfK MRI, told Marketing Daily. “I think it’s going to continue to grow, and it will be interesting to see what happens next year when we do this study again.”

The researchers also identified five types of mobile users.

Almost four in ten smartphone owners (39%) were found to be either Mobile Embracers (24%), who integrate their smartphones into every aspect of their lives, or Entertainment Seekers (15%) — young singles who enjoy mobile gaming and watching streaming video.

Casual Gamers account for 18% of the smartphone population. They are typically women who have children, while Info Seekers, representing another 18%, are typically married men interested in news and/or sports.

The last group, Mobile Fundamentals, make up the remaining 25%. This group is less comfortable with mobile technology, as they need help just downloading a new app.

Which type of mobile user are you?

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