A new vision for healthcare: apps, passive monitoring and a self-driving clinic

A new concept from Seattle-based design firm Artefact Group promises to take digital healthcare to a whole new level.

Known as Aim, it combines a smartphone app and monitoring technologies in the home which track the user’s health through automatic monitoring, self-reporting and active testing. Artificial intelligence (AI) would monitor the user’s health data and flag unusual results. The technology could also register changes in users’ voices, and use the data to measure emotional wellbeing, Dezeen reports.

Aim also incorporates a self-driving clinic which could offer more in-depth tests, with AI diagnostics and augmented reality that helps users point to problem areas using on-body projections, according to New Atlas. An on-board pharmacy inside the mobile clinic could deliver common drugs such as antibiotics or contraceptives.

In cases where a health condition is identified as serious or worsening, the Aim system would be able to connect the patient to a specialist via video call, summon an emergency vehicle, or even transport them directly to a local hospital.

Artefact believes that the Aim system could provide more tailored healthcare while reducing the demand on hospital resources by catching conditions early before they become serious enough to require a hospital admission.

“The mission of Aim is to close the data, experience and logistical gaps between home and clinical environments” says Artefact. “Our vision for a scalable, holistic concept of healthcare service delivery gives patients autonomy, while helping care organisations successfully triage cases, manage the burden on the system and allocate resources effectively.”

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