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Here you will find Osborne Clarke’s latest connected consumer research reports.

Cybersecurity Asia – Facing the threats

Our new ‘Cybersecurity Asia – Facing the threats’ series will be released over successive quarters and will continue to focus on specific Asian territories. As part of our research we will interview leading individuals in the regions for whom cybersecurity and data protection issues are vital.

The first of four feature articles in our ‘Cybersecurity Asia – Facing the threats’ series, ‘Singapore boosts cybersecurity on the back of FinTech boom’ explores how Singapore is embracing legislative and collaborative initiatives to bolster its cybersecurity amid an ongoing expansion of the city’s digital economy.

How will IoT transform industry in Asia

As IIoT slowly penetrates Asia’s manufacturing and logistics sectors, factory owners will be presented with the choice of whether to invest now, later or not at all. Given the scope of change that greater device connectivity promises, those that opt not to enter the race at all are not just risking being left behind, but could vanish altogether in time.

This report explores the advances and opportunities emerging in the field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), particularly how the manufacturing and logistics sectors in China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore are embracing IIoT technologies.

Next-generation connectivity

Next-generation connectivity is an Economist Intelligence Unit research programme, commissioned by Osborne Clarke. In this report The Economist Intelligence Unit looks at businesses’ anticipation of, readiness for and adoption of next-generation internet connectivity.

To do this, we surveyed 550 senior executives with familiarity of their business’ connectivity strategies in April-May 2018. The survey focused on executives from five sectors: digital business; energy and utilities; financial services; real estate and infrastructure; and transport and automotive. Half of the respondents are either members of their companies’ boards or hold C-level positions, and, furthermore, half are from organisations with global annual revenue exceeding US$500m. Respondents were drawn from Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US, in equal numbers.

The European connected consumer: a life lived online

From health apps and virtual consultations to 3D printing at home or the use of augmented reality for business and pleasure, so many of our recent advances rely on consumers being connected. And yet, as you will see from our findings, some doubts persist. Balancing privacy and the provision of services or products is a challenge all organisations must face.

At Osborne Clarke, we don’t see this debate going away any time soon as public and private organisations live through GDPR implementation, new challenges from privacy activists and continuing media interest in data breaches and data misuse. Added to this, consumers are becoming more aware of the issues relating to business use of their data.

YouGov conducted the research for us that questioned a nationally representative sample of 2000 respondents per country across eight countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The findings will help businesses understand the key issues and distinctions that exist in these markets and how they can develop future strategies that incorporate this knowledge.

The connected consumer: a life lived online

At Osborne Clarke we’re hugely interested in the business opportunities presented by a world of increasing consumer connectivity. Almost every aspect of our lives now intersects through our connected devices from health to leisure, transport through retail to entertainment. We cannot ignore the sheer pace of change we’re experiencing. This report, written in association with Retail Week, helps to identify how your business should put the connected consumer at the heart of your strategy. That’s one part of making sure you succeed in tomorrow’s world.

The European connected consumer: a life lived online

Our report, written in association with Retail Week, reveals the nuances and divergences in connected consumers’ behaviour and perceptions across Europe. If your business interacts with connected consumers in any way, be it in retail, digital health, transport and logistics or emerging innovations, you will appreciate that these differences create great opportunities.

Preparing for tomorrow’s supply chain: embracing innovation in a world of disruptors

Digital innovations are rewriting every rule in the supply chain book. Businesses willing to embrace new technologies and ways of collaborating can be certain to gain a crucial edge over the competition. However, this wealth of opportunities doesn’t come without risk. Get it wrong, and the consequences could be catastrophical, and not just in terms of legal or financial sanctions, but in terms of reputational damage too.

Now is the time to carefully plan your supply chain strategy to ensure it has legal longevity as the law tries to keep pace with technological innovation. Our report “Preparing for tomorrow’s supply chain”, is the essential guide to the risks and rewards of securing your supply chain business for succeeding in tomorrow’s world.

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