Android Pay offers discounts for UK users

Google’s mobile payment system Android Pay has launched an incentive programme in the UK, with various special offers that can be redeemed when making Android Pay purchases.

Android Pay Day will run every month on the Tuesday before people get paid and is designed to “make the end of your month that little bit brighter”, the company said.

Users will be able to take advantage of one-day-only offers from selected Android partners.

The promotion was launched this month with food and drink offers from Starbucks and Deliveroo. Coffee chain Starbucks offered buy one get one free on Frappucinos, while Deliveroo, a food-delivery service, offered £5 off a first order or £2.50 off for existing users.

A study released last year by market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey showed that 44% of mobile wallet users want to earn extra rewards and points when using a mobile wallet, in addition to those they get with a credit or debit card.

The new promotion will help educate people about the different ways they can spend with Android Pay, explained gadget news website Engadget:

“Most Brits will know they can use their phone to pay at physical stores — they’ll have seen iPhone users doing the same with Apple Pay. But it’s possible, or rather likely, that users are less familiar with Android Pay’s second role as a digital wallet. Android Pay Day could, therefore, be an important tool for raising awareness among the Android-wielding public,” Engadget said.

Android Pay Day could also accelerate use of the mobile payment service by encouraging people to use it regularly.

“Android Pay Day’s recurring monthly nature gives users a reason to come back to the platform, which could push them to think of the service and use it at other times during the month,” said Business Insider.

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