In-store tech can boost profits, says Retail Week

Tech-savvy consumers want retailers to take advantage of new technologies to improve the in-store experience, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 consumers by ShopperTrak for Retail Week found that 57% of shoppers are set to predominantly use bricks-and-mortar stores to buy products in the next 12 months, yet 55% feel that online shopping is better tailored to their needs and 52% said they ‘wished stores could understand me better’.

According to Retail Week, if a retail store can create an experience that seamlessly connects all the interactions a consumer has with their brand — and does so in a unique way — it will not only gain a strong competitive advantage but a positive impact on the bottom line.

Previous research by ShopperTrak examined how bricks-and-mortar stores can keep up with consumer expectations, revealing that:

  • One in five shoppers would like to receive personalised marketing offers, and three in ten would like offers to be sent to their smartphone, based on their previous purchases.
  • A third would like contactless or mobile payment options in the stores they visit.
  • One in three would like an automatic queuing system to avoid having to wait in line.
  • 35% want electronic shelf labels to provide additional product information.
  • A quarter would like staff to use tablet technology to enhance their service.
  • One in three would like self-service tablets so they can discover more about an item — including the ability to order if it’s not in stock.

The new technology that retailers have at their fingertips is not just ‘nice to have’, but is essential to boost the in-store experience and enhance profits, says Retail Week.

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