Virtual reality tools help customers choose the right glasses

Virtual reality and augmented reality can help people choose spectacles in the retail environment, as well as when they are buying online.

In a recent article for the Association of Optometrists, the vice president of marketing at FittingBox, Guido Cornettone, says that virtual technology helps customers have a better idea of what they are trying to buy, enabling them to choose the right frame for their face in terms of shape, colour and fit.

Cornettone points to figures on the best-selling frames, which feature just a few shapes and colours.

“This means that there is a mismatch somewhere in the customer journey because even with all of the choice that is available on the market, the customer is selecting just a limited few,” he argues.

Using a virtual reality app on an iPad or iPhone can help widen the variety of frames considered and enhance the customer experience.

It also means that customers can try on frames that may have sold out or are not in stock, as well as those available in-store — increasing the potential of making a sale.

A further benefit of the technology is that it allows customers to try on potential new frames without taking their current ones off.

Cornettone notes that although virtual reality try-on tools are perhaps more commonly used in e-retail, allowing the user to try on frames at home, they also work well in-store because experienced staff can support the customer in the frame selection process.

“Expertise in this area is fast advancing and with the release of 3D technology on the iPhone 10, retailers will further be able to take advantage of this to help them with the frame fitting process too,” he adds.

“This technology becoming available via mobile is a critical point for virtual try-on software as retailers will be able to use it to take accurate fitting measurements of the frame selected by the consumer.”

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