Ericsson, Orange and PSA partner on 5G connected car technology

French car maker PSA Group said last week that it is working with Ericsson and Orange on 5G network technology for connected vehicle applications.

The “Towards 5G” connected car initiative aims to leverage 4G to 5G technology evolution to address connected vehicle requirements such as intelligent transport systems (ITS), and to improve road safety and enable new automotive and in-car services.

The partnership is focused on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) architecture, as well as the technologies required to deploy real-time ITS and connected vehicle services. Initial tests will use an end-to-end architecture system based on LTE technology before evolving to LTE-V and 5G technologies.

A test track in France, equipped with an end-to-end wireless network, is being used to test technologies such as the ability to share images between connected vehicles on a road so that the driver in the following vehicle can “see through” the vehicle ahead; and real-time notification that an emergency vehicle is approaching.

The three partners are combining their expertise in connected vehicles in a bid to meet the challenges posed by new mobility services and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Connected IoT services are a crucial way to enhance the user experience for our customers, who today demand unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience as well as personalised services in their vehicles,” said Carla Gohin, vice president for Research, Innovation and Advanced Technologies at PSA Group.

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