Five ways connected cars will ‘change lives’

Connected cars will revolutionise the automotive experience, according to a new report from Ipsos Business Consulting.

The consulting firm says that car ownership is traditionally associated with high costs and stress levels, as well as significant commuting times. But connected cars have created a new ecosystem within the automotive industry, transforming traditional mobility by incorporating telecommunications, operating systems, real-time analytics and content platforms, among other elements, into the driving experience.

Worldwide, as many as 69 million connected cars are expected to be on the road in 2020, up from 15 million today.

The report lists five ways that connected cars will “change your life”:

  1. Increased safety. Automated driving is predicted to greatly reduce the chance of accidents, and even remove the need for traffic lights.
  1. More “me” time: Your car will be able to drive itself and park itself, allowing you to sit back and read a book, or chat with friends online as you travel. When you reach your destination, you can simply jump out and let your car park itself.
  1. Saving money. Insurers won’t need to know about your driving history. And you could start “ubering” or ride sharing with your car.
  1. Health benefits. Healthcare apps could provide a personal health check-up while you’re being driven to the office.
  1. No more commuting stress. Each connected car will be part of a network that provides a commuting service, allowing occupants to enjoy a stress-free, enjoyable travel experience.

“The advent of the Connected Car, Connected Healthcare and the Internet of Things marks the dawn of some of the most exciting times since the Industrial Revolution,” said Lynn Morgan, head of Europe for Ipsos Business Consulting. “Manufacturers have never experienced this level of transformational change in the past. We are already seeing the traditional players forming alliances with data companies, retailers and app developers.

“Some are buying technology companies as part of their strategy to get ready for the change. This is all very exciting for the consumer who is about to witness technological developments on a large scale — developments that were considered to be in the realms of science fiction not so long ago.”

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