Honda develops in-car virtual reality platform

New technology could allow car passengers to enjoy virtual reality (VR) entertainment linked to the movement of the vehicle.

Honda announced recently that it is developing an in-car VR experience in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation. A prototype of ‘Honda Dream Drive’ featuring DreamWorks Animation content was demonstrated at CES, the consumer electronics and technology show.

Honda Dream Drive uses a VR headset to immerse passengers in a virtual reality world triggered by the motion of the vehicle.

Working together, Honda and DreamWorks will focus on creating a software development kit that combines live telematics data with in-vehicle entertainment, education and information applications that are contextually synchronised with the motion of the vehicle in real-time.

John Moon, developer relations lead at Honda Developer Studio, explained: “Entertainment in the car is rapidly changing as consumers rely more and more on personal devices and Honda sees new opportunities to create unique experiences for our customers.”

At CES, attendees were given the opportunity to experience the proof of concept prototype featuring content from DreamWorks’ recent animated movie Trolls.

“We see the cabin of an automobile as an untapped platform for delivering entertaining and educational experiences to consumers,” said DreamWorks Animation’s chief animation technology officer, Jeff Wike.

“The idea is to evolve from parallel play to connected, cooperative play that connects passengers and drivers to their drive, each other and the world around them,” added Bryan Biniak, entrepreneur in residence at Nokia Growth Partners and co-developer of the Honda Dream Drive experience. “We want vehicle time to include the ability to have heads-up interactive entertainment, educational and informational experiences as well as increased personal productivity.”

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