Phone connectivity is essential for new car buyers

In-car connectivity is growing in importance among car buyers, a recent study has shown.

McKinsey and Company found that buyers can like everything about a new model — such as the styling, price, fuel economy and how it drives — yet will still walk out of the showroom if it won’t connect properly with their smartphone.

According to the Connected Car: Automotive Value Chain Unbound study, 28% of new car buyers prioritise car connectivity over other features, such as fuel efficiency, and 13% would not buy a car that’s not connected to the internet.

The study also revealed that 20% of all new car buyers would switch to another vehicle brand for better connectivity, and that figure rises to 41% for drivers who spend more than 20 hours a week in their car.

Nissan is using the research to understand the importance of developing state-of-the-art infotainment systems. The Japanese manufacturer says the study has led to significant investment by the company to make sure a wide range of phones integrate seamlessly with its connected cars.

Patrick Keenan, who leads Nissan’s European team working on mobile device integration, said: “Today’s new cars have a lifecycle of five or six years before a new version is launched, but a mobile phone will only be on the market for less than two years before it’s replaced.

“My job is to make sure anyone who walks into a Nissan showroom anywhere in Europe doesn’t walk out again because a car they want to buy won’t pair with their phone.”

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